Maharashtra Talent Search Exam

Exam Dates

3rd & 10th
September 2023

For Students presently in Class VIII, IX, X & XI

Maharashtra Talent Search Exam

Exam Dates

3rd & 10th
September 2023

For Students presently in Class VIII, IX, X & XI

Result Declared: Maharashtra Science Talent Search Exam (3rd September & 10th September 2023)
Class VIII, IX, X & XI   Click here...

Benefits of Appearing in MSTSE

Know Your Start Point

This exam is the best diagnostic tool which will help the students to discover their latent talent & aptitude.

Plug Loopholes

Students will get suggestions to plug loopholes, so that they can plan their study schedule and improve upon their shortcomings to perform to their optimum on the JEE day.

Unconditional Doubt
Removal Support

Top 10 students from each segment (class VIII, IX, X & XI) will get online doubt removal support to help them in their preparation for JEE, even without enrolling in a FIITJEE Classroom / Integrated School Program.

Early Joining Financial Benefits

For all those extraordinary performers, FIITJEE may also give you an offer for Admission to enrol in FIITJEE Programs. Students appearing in MSTSE will have an opportunity to secure Scholarships. Additionally, early starters will also have an edge of enrolling in a Classroom / Integrated School Program at a much lower fee.

Early Joining Academic Benefits

It is observed over the years that aspirants who join early have a higher probability to achieve their set goals. This is possibly due to their inquisitiveness to learn more than to spend time in judging their course. Early risers shine brighter. FIITJEE will also begin Academic inputs as soon as you get a valid enrolment ID. Early joining Academic Benefits will act as a catalyst to outsmart your peers. This early joining would give the Student the advantage of preparing for Board / School Final Exams with an undivided focus.

Do you know

FIITJEE is the only Institute that has captured

All India Ranks 1, 2 & 3

in JEE Advanced / IIT-JEE from Classroom Programs

Twice in history ?


Your Gateway
to Brighter

students act
as a testimony
of our legacy
of producing
change within

At FIITJEE, we just don’t focus on producing results but we believe in bringing about a transformative change within every FIITJEE student. We not only prepare our students for producing extraordinary results in their competitive exam journey but train them for achieving excellence in every aspect of their life by instilling in them the right attitude through holistic FIITJEE systems.

Current Students with Remarkable Scholastic Achievements!

Thriving in IITs with Remarkable Achievements!
(Enrolled through MSTSE)

From FIITJEE to Promising Careers
in Diverse Domains at Renowned Companies!


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